KZ3 MP Beta is available on Indian PlayStation Store for FREE

Props to nightshade from B3D.

You don't need to be a PS Plus member.
KZ3 beta for free on Indian PSN Store

The Indian PSN Store has a glitch... It allows you to download the KZ3 beta from the PSN+ section even if you're not a PSN+ member.... Grab the beta before it's nuked !!!!

On the Indian PSN Store go into the second tab on the left titled smth like PSN+ , then look on the right hand side.. the 4 icon should be for KZ3 beta... click on it and then click on the Download button... And NO you *don't* have to be a PSN+ member for this download to begin
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This is the kinda sweet. I wonder if GG's servers will manage to hold the sudden influx of players. Looking forward to what everyone thinks. :p