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Twitch Plays Pokemon: Dig, Dig for Victory!


If someone says AAJST???? in front of a mirror at midnight three times, Dig Rat appears and digs a hole that sends the victim to the pokémon center.



"It was the best of times not to use that, It was the blurst of times not to use that! Stupid Monkey"
Apostle of Justice?

by the by: can anyone explain what start9 is?

Start9 was the protest movement of the democracy system when it was forced on us. Basically, the game was locked down with pressing the start button over and over and over again for 10 minutes straight before the streamer intervened.


Nice to see that they got the Silph Scope fairly quickly. How has the democracy/anarchy stuff been faring over the past 12+ hours? People still focused on that as opposed to playing the game?
I really hope democracy doesnt become the new "normal" for most people watching the stream and people who want anarchy are viewed as "trolls". But I could see it heading in that way fast.

People have been trying to get it on democracy constantly since it was brought in. It's only happened a few times from what I've seen. And as we're seeing now, it's awful for battles.

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We somehow need to get back to Saffron and get Psychic for Drowzee.


The one thing I kind of like about democracy is the compound commands. It kind of allows you to get around the delay if you can get everyone to agree on the correct sequence of commands to execute next, as evidenced by the successful "down4a."
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