This week's JP mag news (OUENDAN 2 MAY 17!!!!)

Famitsu-threads these last few weeks have been fantastic to say the least!

Rune Factory 2, Zelda date, Ouendan 2 date, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Panel de Pon DS and more. Great! :D Can't wait for next weeks news and good scans from this week :)
Jonnyram said:
I wonder what kind of explanation you want... "It's 360 exclusive because we're only making it for the 360." Would that suffice?
Aw, give him a break, Jonny. If DR2 was PS3 only you'd be all "Dumb decision by Capcom, it makes no sense to ignore the X360 userbase!".
Jonnyram said:
- New titles -

Ar Tonelico 2
PS2, Banpresto, 2007

Rune Factory 2

Urban Chaos
PS2, Spike

Me and the Sims Town
DS, EA Wii and DS versions in the works

Dead Rising 2 (tentative title)
360, Capcom

- Dates -

DS Origami, DS, June
Hello Kitty Character Dex, DS. 26 July
Harvest Moon, Wii, 7 June
Negima!?, Wii, 14 June

- Reviews -

Atelier Lise (DS) 6, 5, 7, 6
Gakuen Alice (DS) 5, 4, 6, 6
Nodame Cantabile (DS) 6, 7, 7, 6
Ourankoukou Host-bu (PS2) 7, 7, 7, 6
Fate/stay night (PS2) 8, 8, 7, 6
Furu Furu Park (Wii) 6, 6, 6, 5
Super Paper Mario (Wii) 9, 9, 9, 8
Man. Utd. 7 - 1 Roma (agg. 8-3)
Where are Psp and Ps3?
jj984jj said:
Lots of writing Lost Odyssey scan:

I hope we get a better one soon, can see most of the new stuff.

Thank you very much for this scan.If you get a better scan,please upload it.Could anyone translate the scan?
I see just one screen of new area (sea one), looks like that scan is part of "Most wanted new franchises" Famitsu article, LO being number one of course.
I hope Harvestmoon Wii does good, since Marvelous/Natsume seem to be concentrating on Wii/DS now (probably due to demographics and development costs), and it would be sad to see them concentrate solely on DS games in the future - although they seem to be doing quite well with the new Harvestmoon DS and the last Rune Factory. It would be interesting to see if they expand Rune Factory to a full-fledged franchise of its own (with console versions?).
Ouendan 2 Love


mihimaru GT - 気分上々↑↑ (Kibun Jojo↑↑ - The Best Feeling↑↑) - Youtube version

Homemade Kazoku - 少年ハート (Shonen Heart | Boy's Heart) Youtube version

SMAP - BANG!BANG!バカンス (BANG! BANG! Vacance) - Youtube version

Ayaka - I Believe - Youtube version

Kaela Kimura - リルラ リルハ (Real Life Real Heart) - Youtube version

FLOW - 贈る言葉 (Okuru Kotoba | The words I say to you) - Youtube version

Sukima Switch - 全力少年 (Zenryoku Shounen | Boy's Energy) - Youtube version

The Checkers - ジュリアに傷心 (Julia ni Shoushin | Julia Breakheart) - Youtube version

Hitomi Yaida - Go My Way - Youtube version

Ken Hirai - POP STAR - Youtube version <-- You MUST see this one

Couldnt find anything:

VISTA - Going Underground
&#12496;&#12531;&#12499;&#12540;&#12490; (Bambina) - Hotei Tomoyasu
jj984jj said:
Lots of writing Lost Odyssey scan:

I hope we get a better one soon, can't see most of the new stuff.

FFT, P3:FES, and some crappy Spike game reviews from Dengeki PS.

sakaguchi needs to lose that mustache...damn. Maybe its fitting considering his love of old school, or maybe its a prerequisite at the swingers club

that lost odyssey scan say 70% complete, and seem there are some sakaguchi's comment about skill system, weapon system, and camera(?), can please someone traslate it ?