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I got owned by spwolf:
The Ultimate Humiliation
(08-11-2007, 06:14 AM)
So, against my better judgement I cracked my new Premium, an HDMI model many of us have been discussing here at Gaf.

Sorry gang, it doesn't appear to be the Falcon.

The board and CPU look the same as what Llamma posted for the Elite, many months ago. So the multi-barcode sticker I posted earlier is correct: these are Zephyr boards.

And the label for the BenQ drive:

A word about the watermark: EviLore (or any other mods/admins), I will certainly remove it at your request. I believe when other sites on the web run these, they should be properly attributed to the community from whence they came. If Shacknews (BuddyC or ChrisRemo), Gaming-Age (Jim), or Kotaku ('cause you guys have guts to spare) would like the full-size, unalderated photos, I would be more than happy to provide them. All I ask is that you watermark them with your respective site logo and link back to the discussion at Gaf. Just send a message-thing (sorry, can't remember what they're called) and give me your email addresses. All others, don't bother asking. And sorry if that came across as preachy and egomaniacal.

And, yes, this is a big fuck you to xbox-scene. I do not desire attribution; in fact, it should go to all of us at NeoGaf. Only scum abscond with something that is not there's.