Danganronpa Mafia |OT| Grin and Bear It


You awaken in a daze. You look around. You seem to be in a class room. You’re not sure what you’re doing there.

You remember who you are, but not where you are. You seem to recall being accepted to a prestigious school, Hope’s Peak Academy, and showing up at the door. However, everything after that feels like a complete fog.

You notice that there are odd contraptions on the walls, about the size of windows. Confused, you walk outside the classroom and wander the halls of a large expansive school. You hear what sounds a bit like movement coming from a set of large double doors.

With some trepidation, you open the doors and walk inside. The fluorescents burn your eyes for a moment as they adjust from the dimly-lit corridor you originated from. There, you find a gathering group of individuals in a gym.

The crowd seems to be forming around a spot near the center of the gym. The faces around you are frozen, pale, not a single person speaking. You edge your way closer to the focus of the group.

Lying in the center, was the body of a girl. A pool of blood had formed around her body. There was a large splotch of blood on her clothing which itself was torn at the spot. The way she stared off to the side blankly told you enough - that she was dead.

Suddenly, movement from further inside the gym catches your attention. From behind the podium on the stage you only just noticed, a large black and white stuffed bear bounces up atop the podium, arms flailing, a permanent half-grin across its face. It would only make sense in this bizarre nightmare that this thing was responsible for the body lying on the floor.

“Eh, sorry about that, I got a little carried away it seems,” the stuffed animal said. Its voice was shrill and cartoonish. “She woke up a little earlier than the rest of you. But she was planning to ruin the game for everyone, and I just couldn’t have that.” It was now that you saw the bear was brandishing a handgun in one of its hands.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t be doing this again,” it said throwing the gun haphazardly behind the stage. “Well, everyone is here, so let’s get started then!”

“Welcome to my Despair Academy! I am the headmaster, Monokuma. I’ve set this up as a training exercise to test new recruits for our cause. Who are we, you ask? We are the Remnants of Despair. We relish in suffering and sadism and all that good stuff,” the bear said with a laugh.

“As you might imagine, though, without a challenge it’s not much of a test! So, the rules will be simple… Have you ever played mafia? It’s just like that!”
Player List - Currently 7 Players Remaining
[m] Rest
[ f ] Sawneeks
[m] kgtrep
[m] CornBurrito
[ f ] Pau
][m] *Splinter

[m] Hagi
[m] Crab

[ f ] swamped
[m] Kalor
[m] franconp

[m] Zippedpinhead
[m] CzarTim
[m] Makai
[m] SalvaPot
[m] AbsolutBro

[m] Terrabyte20xx
[m] kingkitty
[m] goshujinsama
[m] Ty4on
[m] TL21xx
[m] Royal_Flush
[f] Christina Mackenzie

Pronouns preferences are next to each player's name. [m] - male, [f] - female, [-] any.

If you are participating in this game and not Darryl, you will have received a role PM with your role abilities. Here is an example of what one looks like:

Welcome to Despair Academy!

You are an Ordinary Student!

You are aligned with Hope. You win when only Hope-aligned players remain.

You do not remember your classmates, but clues lead you to believe that you perhaps knew them in another life.

Oh, you’re just ordinary. You might have a super high-school level ability, but it’s probably something useless and not worth mentioning anyway, like fishing. Your only power is the ability to vote. Kinda lame, I know. But hey, you can do a lot with that power! But so can everyone else in the game… sorry. Just, uh, do your best.

Feel free to PM me any questions about your role.
| Rules |

Special Rules for this game

The standard Mafia structure applies; however there are some unique mechanics being added for this game.

Each student has been assigned a dormitory room. Under normal circumstances, you will not be able to leave your room. There are 24 dorm rooms total - 23 occupied by students and 1 empty dorm room. There are also 4 facilities on the campus. Clockwise from the top-right these are: basketball gym, cafeteria, swimming pool, and workshop (yeah, that last symbol confused me too; I didn't draw this darn thing). Placement of players in dormitories were random.

While it’s advised that students remain in their dorm rooms during the night, there will always be rule-breakers. To those rule-breakers, I would advise caution - where you are going is not as important as how you get there. I'll let you figure out what that means, though many of you will figure it out on the first night. upupupu

1. All site-wide rules are also applicable here. Please do not tarnish this community.
2. Unless your Role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, discussion about this game is strictly confined to this thread.
3. Unless your role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, do not quote or posts screen-shots of any PMs or posts that were not made in this thread. Obviously this is a grey area, but please try and play sportingly.
4. Within reason, you are allowed to lie about any game material or game-related conversations that could conceivably have appeared outside this thread [such as the content of role PMs or private chats allowed by a role]. If unsure whether a lie is reasonable, please ask the game-runner.
5. Do not refer or discuss to player activity in other forum threads or life in general beyond the game.
6. The player list includes the preferred personal pronoun of each player. Please try to use the correct pronoun.
7. Please be nice to your fellow players. Mafia can be a tense experience, and occasionally aggressive play is useful, but remember this is game and that everyone should have fun.

Activity and Deadlines
8. Treat this game as a commitment. Remember that other players' fun is dependent on your participation; this game only works if you remain reasonably active.
9. If you do not post in this thread at least once per Day Phase period without prior permission, you will be sent a PM requesting you respond immediately (a "prod"). If you do not respond to a prod by the end of the following Night Phase, you will be replaced.
10. If you need an extended period of absence for some other issues in life, please notify the game-runner by PM in advance. Leave of up to one Day and Night Phase (seven days) is possible.
11. If you expect to be unable to post for a period of 7 days, please notify the game-runner by PM so that you can be replaced in good time - we're sad to see you go, but other players need to be able to continue to play.
12. Each Day Phase will last 4 days. Day Phases officially begin when the game-runner notifies players in the game thread, and end exactly 96 hours later (by NeoGAF post time-stamps).
13. Each Night phase will last 3 days. Night Phases officially begin when the game-runner notifies players in the game thread, and end exactly 72 hours later (by NeoGAF post time-stamps).
14. If a Phase ends and the game-runner has not received an action PM from a player with a relevant action, then that Phase will end with that that player making no action.
15. If a replacement is needed, they may PM the game-runner once to request the Night Phase in which they join is extended by up to 2 days, to allow catch-up time.
16. Game-runners may change the length of Phases at their discretion. However, they will inform players at the start of the equivalent Phase before (i.e., if Day 7 is set to be shortened, players will be no later than the start of Day 6).

Voting, Lynching, and Death
17. For your vote to count, it must be presented in the following format: VOTE: LaunchpadMcQ, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
18. To remove a vote from a player, you must present in the following format: UNVOTE: LaunchpadMcQ, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text. It is not necessary to unvote before casting new vote for a different player; unvoting is simply to remove a vote without casting a new one.
19. Players may use VOTE: No Punishment to end the Day Phase without an execution. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
20. Misspelt votes will be accepted within reason; if the game-runner is unsure they will notify you and in the meanwhile discount the vote. Votes in broken tags will not count.
21. Once an option has received a strict majority (more than half) of the available votes, the day ends with the Lynch of that player or a No Lynch (whichever applies). Once this has happened, any further votes or unvotes that Phase will not be counted, and the Night Phase will begin shortly. If a Day Phase ends and a majority for a choice has not been reached, the option with the highest number of votes will take effect. There must be a minimum of two (2) votes for a choice to be considered a plurality; if this condition is not met, the Day Phase will end with NO PUNISHMENT.
22. Some roles take place between the end of the Day Phase and the start of the Night Phase, so game-runners may allow a short period of time for this "Twilight Phase". Unless your role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, do not post during the Twilight Phase.
23. Once you are dead, you are dead: you may no longer discuss the game in ANY manner with ANY of the remaining players. Dead players may PM the game-runner one last message for the other players (a "Will"), which the game-runner will post on their behalf in the thread. The sole condition is that it contains NO game-relevant information, e.g. "Thanks guys for an excellent game!" is allowed, "My partner was John!" is not.

The Dead Thread
24. To allow dead players to freely discuss the game with other dead players, a secret thread will be created.
25. On death, a player can either opt to join the replacement list, or receive a link to the Dead Thread. They may not do both. If a player opted to join the replacement list, they may change their mind, but players who have a link to the Dead Thread cannot act as replacements.
26. The Dead Thread will also be made available to non-players, provided they have played in at least one GAF mafia game before in which they did not go inactive. These non-players will also be disbarred from the replacement list.

27. Outside of votes and explicit allowances made by role PMs, the use of the highlight tag is strictly the game-runner's prerogative. Do not use it.
28. Do not edit your posts. If you are a repeat offender, a replacement will be sought.
29. Do not use the email tags to hide extra content in your posts.
30. A list of the votes so far (a "Vote Count") can be requested by contacting any game-runner or game-tutor.
31. Game-runners reserve the right to add, remove, or modify existing any rules at any point, and enforcement may be applied retrospectively. However, all players will be informed of changes, and changes will be consistent across games.
32. In general, do not try and exploit loop-holes in the rules.
33. Completed GAF games are often read by people thinking of signing up in the future. As such, please keep your avatar spoiler free - it should not allude to your role or alignment.

34. Please refrain from discussing the source material for the theme too openly. Discussion is allowed, by tag major spoilers appropriately. The game will not rely too heavily on the source material and roles are not necessarily indicative of their counterparts in the source material.


Famed for his Europa Universalis IV exploits

Look at 'em all gathered around the girl that bear shot. D'you think they'll play along?

I dunno, but if they wanna survive this, panda-ring is a damn good start!

That joke got panned a little more than usual.

Read it aloud.

ill find a way out of this hellhole academy, and when i do, you're dead meat.

also, everyone please look at rule 34. no spoilers of the video games pls
Just to check, if that's in reference to my post, I wouldn't dare. This lives in the same area as the Zero Escape and Phoenix Wright series in that the first experience of the story is hugely important. I'm careful with these things yo. Wouldn't want to ruin the experience for people c:
Just to check, if that's in reference to my post, I wouldn't dare. This lives in the same area as the Zero Escape and Phoenix Wright series in that the first experience of the story is hugely important. I'm careful with these things yo. Wouldn't want to ruin the experience for people c:
nah it wasn't directed towards you, just a general heads up for the class since i'm pretty sure not everyone reads all the rules (i usually don't)


Famed for his Europa Universalis IV exploits
Yeah... I don't need that. I'm gonna imagine that we're in olde timey Germany and everyone is running around in little green shorts with suspenders, with funny hats and mustaches.
I understand that's actually Bavaria only and most Germans get upset if you associate them with that, so I'll set it to the tune of their crushing capitulation to the Napoleonic armies instead.
I will just throw out that in general, if you enjoy these mafia games and can tolerate anime and/or point and click adventures, you would probably really enjoy Danganronpa.
Also if you like Phoenix Wright and/or the Zero Escape games.

Edit: Sorry, I'm passionate about this series. Will go to my own thread now.