Discontinued food you miss

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Oh man! OH MAN! I blocked all of those from my memory. Those were all great!

Fruitopia (in the US), and Dunkeroos (I hear they still exist but no where around me).


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Cadbury Caramilk chocolate as sold in Australasia. Similar to Cadbury Carmello or the Canadian Cadbury Adams Caramilk in a way, but solid caramel flavoured chocolate rather than liquid caramel inside a chocolate shell.

Has been discontinued for for about 15 years.

It was awesome. I miss it.
I bought Vanilla Coke today. Doesn't taste like it did in England, but it's still nice. They make Dunkaroos too.. my room mate last semester gave me a pack.. they were.. strange. Biscuits and icing basically.
FutureZombie said:
Powder is infinitely better than syrup.
I used to think the same thing too. Until about a couple weeks ago I used to use Choco Milk powder but then I tried Hershey's Syrup and I'm a convert now. Syrup has a richer creamier taste and it doesn't clump in the milk like the powder does.
zoner said:
People tell me that DUnkaroos still exist, but I've never seen them.

So Dunkaroos.

Yes yes and yes.

Dunkaroos were the fucking shit. Kids knew your parents were cool if you rolled into lunch with some Dunkaroos.

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zoner said:
People tell me that DUnkaroos still exist, but I've never seen them.

So Dunkaroos.
I had one of these and a lunchable pizza at school one day and felt like a king. Everyone wanted to trade lol
DominoKid said:
they dont make those anymore?

i just remember naturally moving on to those fruity Ice Breakers
When I was still living in the US a year ago, it had been about 3 years that they had become hard to find. Best altoids flavor ever, I tried citrus.... it wasn't the same. Fuck you altoids company! Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


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G-Fex said:
SEX! This icecream was The sex.


Though at my store they have a huge plastic thing of cheeseballs for like 6 dollars.
Too bad those aren't even in the same league as the Planter's ones. I would do anything for them to bring those back... anything.
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