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Media Create Sales: 22 - 28 Nov


platform title publisher this week total
1 PS2 Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himigime Square Enix 2,167,072 new
2 PS2 Ratchet and Clank 3: Galactic Star Rangers SCE 65,957 new
3 PS2 Momotarou Dentetsu USA Hudson 56,894 178,735
4 GC Mario Party 6 Nintendo 49,646 148,393
5 PS2 Slotter UP Core 5 Dorart 44,641 new
6 GC NARUTO: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 3 Tomy 44,071 161,035
7 GBA Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure Banpresto 21,910 70,032
9 GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Square Enix 19,235 258,274
10 GBA GameBoy Wars Advance 1 + 2 Nintendo 18,590 new

platform this week last week 2004 total
1 PlayStation 2 108,148 63,282 2,198,410
2 GameBoy Advance SP 31,198 27,479 2,184,197
3 Gamecube 6,107 5,113 527,713
4 Gameboy Advance 785 697 191,159
5 Xbox 669 1,239 34,874
6 Swan Crystal 38 44 7,230
7 PSone 30 40 13,824


If the PS2 keeps selling the same amount for the next couple of months, it'll reach 3M just as the year is ending.


Should be interesting to see if the GBA ends up on top by years' end. It's only ahead by over 100,000 now.

If GC sales don't get back up to at least 15k next week... doomad.


Deku Tree said:
GC still doing about 5k per week... should it have picked up already for the holiday?

It should have, but the only software it has are Naruto 3, Mario Party 6 and Mario Tennis. Naturally those three games will attract last year's (and the year before's) buyers, and hardly anyone new. It's all up to Jungle Beat and Super Robot Taisen GC, two remotely new titles, to up the ante for the GC. Otherwise, it's all over.


Just a reminder for those who didnt recall -- DQ8 came out on a Saturday so this is only 2 days of sales rather than the usual 3 or 4.


Fafracer forever
They should list PS2 and PSTwo separately if they're gonna separate GBA and GBASP
I believe GBAs are listed separately due to price difference, and PSTwo is still selling at same price as PS2 isn't it?


Fafalada said:
I believe GBAs are listed separately due to price difference, and PSTwo is still selling at same price as PS2 isn't it?
Well you can't get the old PS2 any more except for the BB pack, which is a different price. So maybe they should list the PSTwo and PS2 BB pack separately.
Well.. CVX was right to point out that the US market have the better deals (Great bundles) compared to NCL's japan retail point boxes - nada. If Nintendo was a serious contender.. they should have done more bundles. You need to have consoles to buy games (mostly works in that manner...as opposed to buying a console to play a title).

BUNDLE THE MACHINE... nintendo. The Gamecube fate is Nintendo's doing.
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