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NPD Sales Results for May 2014 [Up1: Wii U Hardware]

Cygnus X-1

Mar 7, 2007
Want more proof?


The week after the release of MK8 is June 1 to June 7th.

This is quite interesting.

We can write following:

4*x*2 + 28 * x = 62

=> x = 1.72

Which is fairly close to 1.85 given by the increase of 85% MoM. So I'll use this number for now on.

By assuming this trend would continue, we would see during June (35 days) 240k. This is impossible obviously, because Wii U sales will of course level down with time.

By assuming a worst-case scenario of a drop to EXACTLY the level of before in one month time, we can reasonably assume that it can behave like a typical exponential function, i.e. a drop of 66% over the half of the next month. This implies that in half of a month, Wii U could sell as much as 28% more than the month before Mario Kart 8 spike. Approximately, we can expect Wii U to have sold in the next half month something like 30k (first week) + 15k (second week) = 45k. During the rest of the month, we can assume Wii U to sell 12k (third week), 10k (fourth week) and 7k (last week).

Total would be 74k for the entire month of June. However, this is assuming that by the end of June sales would return exactly as abysmal as they were before. Frankly, this is hard to believe.


Jun 16, 2013
Good numbers for Watch Dogs and MK8.

It's unreasonable to think that the Wii U can come back to above GCN levels. What Nintendo needs to do is ride out the rest of the Wii U's lifecycle delivering quality games to prove that they won't give up on the system, like how Sony didn't give up on the PS3 (although vita am cry). That way they can carry positive momentum into the successor system instead of doing what they did with the Wii and letting it die a slow death for its last two years.

Indeed. GCN levels are a low bar, truthfully. Sony didn't ever give up during the PS3's early period, caught up and essentially tied (beat?) Microsoft in the previous generation, and they're beating the brakes off of Microsoft now because of it. If console cycles prove anything, they prove that their extremely unpredictable. Fads, wild swings in popularity, and changes in fortunes are to be expected. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The worst thing Nintendo can do now is give up on Wii U.


Jun 5, 2013
I've never denied that MK8 wouldn't have an effect, I think Nintendo's first party efforts are powerful enough that pretty much all of them (at least the big name stuff like Mario and Zelda) will cause a bump, I wonder what the sustainability is though. That is where I have doubts. If sales quadruple in June and then normalize in July and August and until Smasn Bros, does that really mean anything for the long term prospects?

Ahh I know what you mean now. I agree I don't think the sales of the console will continue to stay at 60k per week or anything, I personally don't see it going past 10 million in North America for its LTD.

But in terms of what effect it will have, MK is a monster series that as others have pointed out is an evergreen title. So at the very least the baseline for what we see every week should go up a couple thousand units purely becuase of the release of the game.
Sep 20, 2005
I guess we can assume that Xbox One numbers were surpressed due to the fact that everyone knew the 399 Xbox One was releasing in June.

Jaded Alyx

Apr 17, 2007
What's your take on Reggie's statement about the 400% in weekly sales? Does he refer to the first week of June? Does he make some kind of strange week (Friday to Thursday) from launch? Because a 48k week in June wouldn't be that bad.

He said a 4x increase, not 400%


Oct 18, 2013
I remember the last few holidays of the GameCube's life they managed to really move a lot of those units at $99. I worked retail back then and we couldn't keep gamecubes in stock. Same with Xboxes when they dropped price and PS2 was just always selling too.

It's too early to do it now but I wish they would get really aggressive on price and position themselves as an almost impulse buy price. The PS3 and 360 are there now, but Nintendo has nothing at that price range.
Sep 11, 2007
No one does that. We mostly use it for PS4/X1 hardware positions

The software list is useless

If Amazon Germany is any indication, and it almost certainly isn't, things could get funny. Wii U slowly climbed the charts over the last few weeks since Mario Kart released and pretty much switched places with the Xbox One. Interestingly, it was at 40 or 45 when Mario Kart launched, hovered around 30 to 35 during E3, and just entered the top 20 today. Probably the effect of good word-of-mouth.



Nov 13, 2011
I'm so confused about Wii U right now :(
Do you mean with the tweets, or more generally in a "Why is it still selling so poorly?" way.
Is the latter that confusing?

Another tranch of Nintendo's dedicated fanbase presumably drove hardware, but they don't number that many. Some degree of family market purchasing as well I'm guessing, but I think the system is still too expensive for those consumers.


Media Create Maven
Jul 29, 2010
Gamespot says Mario Kart 8 was the 3rd highest software selling SKU in May.

So based on that...
Watch Dogs (PS4)
Watch Dogs (XB1)
Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) are the top-selling SKUs?

Handy Fake

Mar 2, 2014
He said a 4x increase, not 400%



May 28, 2014
Mind=Zero, Borderlands 2, God of War Collection (Vita) and Drakengard 3 should be interesting numbers for creamsugar to provide.


Why are strippers at the U.N. bad when they're great at strip clubs???
Aug 7, 2013
Do you mean with the tweets, or more generally in a "Why is it still selling so poorly?" way.
Is the latter that confusing?

Another tranch of Nintendo's dedicated fanbase presumably drove hardware, but they don't number that many. Some degree of family market purchasing as well I'm guessing, but I think the system is still too expensive for those consumers.

The tweets man....

Purple Cheeto

Aug 28, 2013
Pretty surprised Kirby sold so well, there was like no hype here for it. Good for Nintendo though I suppose. I'm holding off on the game for awhile, I did grab Mario Golf which is pretty good.


Mar 20, 2007
Still no PS4 or Xbox One sales. Latter isn't that surprising but in terms of the former, does that mean that the PS4 did worse than last month?

Would assume that an increase in sales would be stated by Sony; especially due to Watch_Dogs being a big release for the system.
Sep 11, 2007
Come on, Larry. Own up to your NPD results.

Xbox One was the highest all-in-one entertainment system seller in May 2014*

Overall the Xbox family was the highest selling console family in 1 of every 3 days in May 2014, fully helping the grow of the industry sales in Software and Hardware

*all-in-one entertainment systems includes Xbox One and Xbox 360.