cracked (all new vids, wallpapers etc.)

Sep 17, 2005
Cracked it. Apparently the symbols represent letters

Use this picture and then click on the symbols to spell any of these words and you will find video or info:
factorfive - all new 2 min Lair trailer
fire - Lair footage (shows Tauros? New monster)
fangs - Lair combat montage
king - Heavenly Sword wallpaper
nariko - Heavenly Sword wallpaper
andyserkis - Heavenly Sword TGS trailer
mayday - Warhawk wallpaper
dogfight - Warhawk video
machone - Warhawk music
tedprice - Resistance behind the scenes - MUSIC
chimera - Resistance wallpaper
nathanhale - Resistance behind the scenes - TECHNOLOGY
music - Genji soundtrack
heishi - Genji 2 wallpaper
evolutionstudios - video
dust - Motorstorm wallpaper
monumentvalley - Wallpaper

All lead to new vids, pics, wallpapers etc :D
Mar 9, 2005
Interesting. I'm waiting for the MS (evolutionstudios) video to load ATM. Will report back if it's worthwhile.

EDIT: Lame PR speech with a video running in the background. Can't tell if the footage was new, but it was VERY choppy on my computer. Sony coders FTL.
Jun 12, 2004
is that factor five lair footage real time? It doesn't look like gameplay, but is it being done in real time? That looks amazing.
Feb 10, 2005
Edinburgh, Scotland
They mentioned at the Resistance forum like a week ago that a behind the scenes video for Resistance showing them testing a real life flamethrower would show up somewhere (and not in the game). I have a feeling it's on this website. (Flamethrower and Flames doesn't work)