Playstation Network purchases to be taxed starting April 1st 2017


Party Pooper
Just got this in my email

edit: for reference I'm in NJ

I just got an email about it too. Here in Alabama.
got an email, here in ohio.
Got the e-mail here in MN too.
Just got an email myself. I live in Texas
Just got the email here in WA State.
I got the email here in Utah...
Just got the email here in Nebraska.
Why has PlayStation® Store started charging sales tax?
In certain areas, state and local laws require PlayStation® Store to collect applicable sales taxes. In order to comply with these laws, PlayStation® Store began collecting sales tax on its products/services in certain states in April 2016.
For some folks the tax man is old hat.

Although you're supposed to report all internet purchases to the IRS for tax purposes.


I'll just do what I did with my Nintendo 3DS and change my location to a place without sales tax. I only use PSN cards on their store anyway. Although I don't know how it would work with Vue, Now, and Music
States are finally catching up to the new technologies, same thing is happening with Amazon.

oh well. I was already wondering when it was going to happen.