Live countdown to major Persona team announcement from Atlus [Summary in OP]

Jun 7, 2004
Event Summary
- Tons of teasing.
- Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth announced for 3DS. Release date on June 5th 2014. Directed by Daisuke Kaneda (EO4). Chibi style dungeon crawler spinoff RPG featuring the P3 and P4 cast.
- P4U The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold will be released in arcades on Nov 28th 2013. The home console port is confirmed for PS3 in Summer 2014.
- Persona 4 Dancing All Night announced for Vita. A collaboration with Dingo (Original devs for Miku on PSP, and Lovelife games on Vita). Music game featuring P4 characters and music.
- Persona 5 announced for PS3. Winter 2014. Directed by Hashino.

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Start the hype! There are even mini-countdowns within the countdown to "events"! Looooool!

- Midnight Teaser #1:
- Midnight Teaser #2:
- Midnight Teaser #3:

What does this all mean?
On Nov 24, at 8pm, Atlus will be broadcasting the Persona announcement across Japan on large public screens in six major cities, along with the livestream.


If anyone is actually in Japan and wants to know exactly which screens it's showing at... the highlighted ones are the screens showing the announcement tomorrow. 2 screens in Tokyo and Osaka, 1 screen each in the other 4 regions.

Photos of the locations: