Magic: the Gathering |OT11| Amonkhet - Have you ever had decks with a Pharaoh?

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Welcome to the Multiverse! Multiple worlds exist side by side in different dimensions, known as planes, and they are as different as night and day. All of them, however, have a form of magical energy known as mana. Most residents of these planes are unaware of other worlds, but there are some special beings with the ability to safely travel between them, known as Planeswalkers.

Magic: the Gathering is a Trading Card Game, the first of its kind, developed by Richard Garfield and his playtesters for the gaming company Wizards of the Coast in 1993. The game quickly became a hit, and it is currently bigger than it has ever been. You and your opponent play the role of dueling Planeswalkers, using customized decks made up of your spells, the creatures you can summon, your mana bonds with lands, and even other Planeswalkers you can call in to help out. Whoever can get every opponent down to 0 life wins.

This time, we visit the Egyptian mythology world of Amonkhet, featuring mummies, gods, and a graveyard theme. Now, let's dive into Ancient Egypt!

Banned and Restricted List Update - For the first time in years, cards have been banned in Standard:
* Emrakul, the Promised End
* Smuggler's Copter
* Reflector Mage

But many still consider Standard to be a mess right now, and people expect more cards to be banned at the next update. Felidar Guardian is very likely to be banned, and many say Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is possible too.

EDIT: Felidar Guardian has been banned. And here's an explanation of the Copycat deck and why it needed a ban.

If you're a beginner, feel free to come in. Us regulars can get a bit technical with card evaluations and use a lot of jargon, and many of us will loudly proclaim that a cool-looking card is junk, or say that a lame-looking card is really powerful, so ask us if you want an explanation.

To see what a game is like, check out Geek and Sundry's Spellslinger series (now discontinued), where Day[9] battled various geek celebrities, often losing, using simple and easy to follow decks.

To get started, check out the official page. Basically:
* It's recommended that new players play Magic Duels (thread). It's a great way to learn the game on your own, and it's free!
* After that point, the act of deck building can be intimidating, so it's recommended that you try out a preconstructed deck and customize it with other cards you get, before you start making your own from scratch. Planeswalker Decks are preconstructed decks that come with four unique new cards, including a new Planeswalker card. If you have a friend to play with, there are also Duel Decks that provide two decks for a game right out of the box, but are a bit more complicated.
* To get your physical collection started, buy a Deck Builder's Toolkit, which includes not just a starting collection of cards (including a lot of lands), but also some booster packs and a good box to store cards in. The Holiday Gift Box provides an even larger starting collection and better storage.
* The different play formats can be found here. The most popular formats where you start out with no deck and have to make them from scratch (Limited) are Draft and Sealed. The most popular formats where you bring a 60-card deck ahead of time (Constructed) are Standard, Modern, and Legacy. Casual play has no restrictions other than what your friends decide. Once your skill advances, another popular way to play Magic casually is Commander.
* While game stores will often hold Magic events at other times, every store that has Magic events will have Friday Night Magic. There, you will be able to find other players in your area to both have matches with and trade with. Find game stores here. And to get started participating in your local game store (LGS) scene, attend an open house or prerelease event!

While the set won't officially be sold until the release date, that isn't the first time you can get your hands on the new cards. Game stores will hold Magic Open House events specifically meant for new players, with people there to give you simple Welcome Decks and teach you how to play.

The big thing to look forward to, however, is the prerelease event held for every set. You play in the Sealed format, where every player is given a box with six booster packs and a random additional rare card. From this pool of cards, all of which you keep, each player builds a deck of 40 cards and participates in a Swiss-system tournament. This is a fun and casual event, where everyone is still trying to figure out the set, so don't worry about messing up. In addition to normal duels, there are also Two-Headed Giant events, where you pair up with another player and face off against another team.

The Magic Open House will be on April 15, 2017. Prerelease events will be held on April 22-23, 2017. Call your local game store a few days ahead of time to register for the prerelease, or they might just run out of room. Find local game stores here.

Lore introduction
Amonkhet story

Amonkhet is a harsh desert world where everything that dies is cursed to rise again. People gather in oases, magically protected from the sand and horrors, raising warriors to go through the Trials of the Five Gods and thus gain their favor.

After halting the plans of the evil dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas on Kaladesh, the heroic Gatewatch have decided to confront him on Amonkhet, where he is worshiped as God-Pharaoh. The Gatewatch hope to catch Bolas off guard, but can they stand a chance when everyone in the world is against them?

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Only whores can save us
On Amonkhet, the gods walk among the people as a constant presence. There are five god cards, each a single color.

Unlike on Theros, the gods are always creatures, but they won't bother to help you unless you meet their conditions. Still, they will lend a bit of their power no matter what, through activated abilities.

Mummies Alive!
What is an Egyptian world without mummies? In fact, the people of Amonkhet often welcome death.

Creatures with embalm are willing to be mummified after they die, thus unusually becoming white-aligned zombies. Exile them from your graveyard to create a token copy, except it is monowhite and a zombie in addition to its other types, and it has no mana cost. Surprisingly, every single embalm creature has its own token, which you can get in booster packs. If you don't get the right one, then some booster packs feature punch cards with "embalmed" markers that you can overlay onto the mana cost of your original creature card, thus representing the token.


When certain creatures attack, you may exert them. If you do, they put a bit more effort into their attack and trigger a special ability, but they then have to rest and thus don't untap for your next turn. Of course, if you give the creatures vigilance or untap them with a spell or ability, then there's no cost at all! Some booster packs will feature punch cards with "exerted" markers that you can put on your creatures as reminders not to untap them.

Here we go again

One of Magic's most frequently used non-evergreen mechanics is back! There are times when a card in your hand just isn't useful at the moment, and almost anything could be better. Cards with cycling may be discarded to draw a new card, sometimes with a bonus effect.

The hell is this?

It's a split card? But what's going on with the layout? The top half of the card can be cast from your hand, but for the bottom half with aftermath, you can cast it from and only from your graveyard, whereupon you exile it. The key to the layout is that when it's in your hand, your eyes are drawn to the text on the top half, and while its in your graveyard, you can stick the bottom half out of your discard pile and thus always know it's there.

Don't give a damn about my bad Invocation
Battle for Zendikar, Kaladesh, and every block after all have a special set of reprints known as masterpiece cards. They are printed at a rarity higher than mythic rare, but have no unique cards and don't affect what's in Standard. Each set's masterpiece collection is foiled with a special themed frame, and the past two have been very well received. Amonkhet masterpiece collection is known Amonkhet Invocations. Let's see how amazing they are!

Oh no.... oh no no no...

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Monday, April 3
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Thursday, April 6
Regal Caracal
Throne of the God-Pharaoh, Manglehorn, Magma Spray, Curator of Mysteries, Glory-Bound Initiate; Liliana, Death's Majesty; Gideon, Martial Paragon
Battlefield Scavenger, Watchful Naga, Planeswalker Deck cards, Failure // Comply; Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
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Saturday, April 8
SCG Worcester Legacy Open Day 1
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Liliana's Expertise

Monday, April 10
Oketra the True, Censor
Honored Hydra, Never // Return
Pull from Tomorrow, Unburden
Neheb, the Worthy
Reduce // Rubble, Doomed Dissenter
Pyramid of the Pantheon, Quarry Hauler, Heaven // Earth

Tuesday, April 11
Deem Worthy, Shefet Monitor, Stir the Sands, Vizier of the Tumbling Sands, Sunscorched Desert, Grim Strider, Cryptic Serpent
Nissa, Steward of the Elements, Dread Wanderer, Plague Belcher, Lord of the Accursed, book Generation Decks released in paperback, Rhonas the Indomitable
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Thursday, April 13
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Heart-Piercer Manticore, Vizier of Deferment
Amonkhet Preview Show, Painted Bluffs, Blinding Mummy, Embalmer's Tools, Lay Claim, Time to Reflect, Bloodlust Inciter, Labyrinth Guardian

Friday, April 14
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Anger for some reason about Liliana period joke from Alison Luhrs
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Alright, time to make the next topic. I'll make two posts after this, which will be branched off into the new topic.

Thread title:
Magic: the Gathering |OT11| Amonkhet - Have you ever had decks with a Pharaoh?
this is some ol bullshit

jk. I don't get the reference tho
Out of the community ghetto once more!

I didn't realize we had left community at all. :)

Love the Yugioh references. I honestly hope we get some sort of Exodia-esque combo. Alas, Maze's End was pretty much the same idea.

And when did the Wall of Shame disappear? I feel like it's been a while since it was in the OP.

I am tentatively excited for more Gods and Zombos due to my love of dumb tribal EDH decks. (I've already got a 5-color Godstuff deck, and I've always wanted to do Zombies but felt like as a tribe they just aren't fun enough.)

I assume graveyard mechanics will just lead to another round of graveyard hate, so it's kind of whatever, same as it always is.
i'm not entirely sold yet despite my slavish devotion to ancient egypt fetishization, but i feel like once i see the god cards maybe i will have a good idea of what to expect
i'm not entirely sold yet despite my slavish devotion to ancient egypt fetishization, but i feel like once i see the god cards maybe i will have a good idea of what to expect
That's kind of the make-or-break as far as flavor goes. If they don't stick the landing on the gods, it's a bombed set in that regard.

I feel like it's maybe going to be fun in Limited (because of graveyard focus) and maybe going to be a whole lot of nothing/holding pattern in Constructed (because of graveyard focus).
Is there a theme to the invocations? Nothing as obvious as "lands" or "artifacts," but surely they haven't already given up and moved to "cards," right?

Also, shouldn't OP have something about the brick mechanic:
Oracle's Vault seems pretty busted for Commander and even Standard in a Control shell.

Hopefully this set shakes up the Standard meta. I wonder if this will be the start of better answers to threats. Swing back the pendulum WOTC!

Oh, and I want RDW to be a thing.
Hi new here. Right now Im running a red white vehicles for standard and starting to build a cheap Ravenous Intruder one. I can't wait for Amonkhet and the welcome decks to be out, so I can add in Glorybringer to my vehicles deck and Fling for the Ravenous Intruder one.

Fling is the best card
Oracle's Vault seems pretty busted for Commander and even Standard in a Control shell.

Hopefully this set shakes up the Standard meta. I wonder if this will be the start of better answers to threats. Swing back the pendulum WOTC!

Oh, and I want RDW to be a thing.
it's a goddamn desert plane, we better get some good burn or else imma be pissed


Magnificent Eager Mighty Brilliantly Erect Registereduser
If I was still deep enough into that kind of thing, I'd be buying those new lands in bulk. I'm not the brightest bulb in the magic chandelier but I have to believe those things will be going up up up in price.
I'm working on the Pia and Kiran list from the previous thread and it's pretty tough. Without Slobad in the commandzone I probably need redundant sac outlets, particularly because Mom and Dad are mana intensive.

Here's what I have right now needing 5 cuts
1 Ancient Tomb
1 Arid Mesa
1 Blinkmoth Nexus
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Boseiju, Who Shelters All
1 Buried Ruin
1 Crystal Vein
1 Darksteel Citadel
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Great Furnace
1 High Market
1 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Inventors' Fair
1 Mishra's Factory
10 Mountain
1 Phyrexia's Core
1 Radiant Fountain
1 Reliquary Tower
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Strip Mine
1 Wooded Foothills

1 Aetherworks Marvel
1 Basalt Monolith
1 Chromatic Sphere
1 Chromatic Star
1 Chrome Mox
1 Clock of Omens
1 Cloud Key
1 Codex Shredder
1 Conjurer's Bauble
1 Fellwar Stone
1 Helm of Awakening
1 Ichor Wellspring
1 Implement of Combustion
1 Krark-Clan Ironworks
1 Lightning Greaves
1 Lotus Bloom
1 Lotus Petal
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Memory Jar
1 Mind Stone
1 Mox Diamond
1 Mox Opal
1 Paradox Engine
1 Prismatic Lens
1 Prophetic Prism
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
1 Rings of Brighthearth
1 Salvaging Station
1 Semblance Anvil
1 Sensei's Divining Top
1 Skullclamp
1 Sol Ring
1 Staff of Domination
1 Terrarion
1 Thought Vessel
1 Tormod's Crypt
1 Voltaic Key

1 Blood Moon

1 Chaos Warp
1 Galvanic Blast
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Pyroblast
1 Red Elemental Blast
1 Reiterate
1 Ricochet Trap
1 Seething Song

1 Cathartic Reunion
1 Faithless Looting
1 Gamble
1 Indomitable Creativity
1 Magmatic Insight
1 Mana Geyser
1 Past in Flames
1 Recoup
1 Reforge the Soul
1 Scrap Mastery
1 Tormenting Voice
1 Trash for Treasure
1 Vandalblast
1 Wheel of Fortune

1 Daretti, Scrap Savant

1 Foundry Inspector
1 Goblin Welder
1 Junk Diver
1 Kuldotha Forgemaster
1 Magus of the Wheel
1 Metalworker
1 Myr Retriever
1 Sandstone Oracle
1 Scrap Trawler
1 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Treasonous Ogre
1 Treasure Keeper
Is there a theme to the invocations? Nothing as obvious as "lands" or "artifacts," but surely they haven't already given up and moved to "cards," right?

Also, shouldn't OP have something about the brick mechanic:
If it appears on more than a couple of cards, sure. I'll even give that section a pyramid scheme based title.

Anyway, final predictions:
* Wither
* Red in particular gets a lot of cycling cards
* Gods will just be indestructible creatures with ETB and attack abilities
* There is a Desert land, but not Desert itself
You'd need a way to make the spells cheaper. I use Mana Geyser or Inner Fire and Reiterate to make infinite red mana in my Wort deck
Yeah realized while I was hitting submit and edited it out, deck does include ways to make it cheaper but not many and mana geyser as well.

Grinding Station is probably the best artifact sac outlet available to me after KCI as I want to mill myself anyways.
I'm really bad at evaluating Cycling. Are these lands good?
They're really, really good. Not as good as Fetches/Shocks, but Cycling being instant Speed+It being attached to lands is a boon.

They're basically Scry-Lands is how I'm looking at them: There's no conditional way to get them to enter Untapped, but the power of other abilities helps their playability.

There's a lot of times in Modern At least where you're Control, you and your opponent are locked in Topdeck Mode, and you need a way to close out the game. These effectively serve as a bridge from the "Make first 5-6 Land Drops so I can stabilize" to the "Time to resolve one of my 5 Win Conditions".

I don't think they replace the GOAT Control "ETB Tapped Land" of Colonnade, but UW Control I think will play these as a replacement for stuff like Temple of Enlightenment/Mystic Gate/Etc which have never really done that much when they're needed.

I thought control was dead
Control's Not Dead, it's just dormant.
Invocations were originally instants and sorceries, but it didn't work out, which he later clarified as not having enough that fit on Amonkhet and were desirable.
mirron91 asked: Is there going to be an article on why you picked the Invocations you did? It seems to be a common complaint that they "lack a theme" or the like.

They have a creative theme which isn’t as simple as “Lands” or “Artifacts”. We did start with “Instants & Sorceries” but it didn’t work out.
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